KNX, the better technical tool necessary to be implemented LEED strategies trough a control system

knxforleed knx 238x444It is not possible to separate technology from sustainable buildings. Just as passive architecture is essential to obtain energy efficiency, the management of the active part through control systems guarantees the adequate and optimised use of the services required for the habitability and efficient use of the whole building.

It is worth highlighting that LEED certification, in an effort to achieve the most sustainable buildings possible – from the moment the building is conceived, to the variables of the environment, to the materials used, it does not focus solely on the automation part. However, many of the aspects indicated are feasible with the standard KNX technology. That is why the synergy between the two worlds is so favourable. KNX, bearing the ‘standard’ flag, fills in where there is a lack of concrete specifications by LEED certification.

LEED and KNX pursue the same goals, but at different levels. The future users of the homes and buildings as well as the environment and society in general benefit from the union of the two. KNX can help to implement LEED strategies with the aim of obtaining a high score in the process of certification, which means a more sustainable and more energy efficient building.

What's KNX?

The KNX standard is an effective tool to implement the strategies proposed in LEED certification, from a technical point of view. Its ‘standard’ nature fits in with the USGBC philosophy. The solutions do not depend on a specific mark, but on the technical implementation based on a technology.

This technology is the only standard in the context of home and building automation. This is accredited by its compliance with the main international standards:

• ISO/IEC 14543-3
• CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1
• GB/T 20965

As with LEED certification, its intention is to create a sustainability pattern in buildings and homes, in an attempt to justify the effort invested in materials from sustainable sources or water treatments. The KNX standard has created a pattern of communication between electronic devices related to construction, with the purpose of making the best use possible of the energy available and the existing resources.

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