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Who we are

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Our Values

We firmly believe in the efficient use of energy through applying standard control technologies such as KNX and especially its implementation in sustainable buildings certified as LEED.

We are consultants

We help manufacturers and KNX integrators to make their products and control solutions LEED strategies visible. And just as architects and developers to find ways to cope with LEED projects using KNX technology.

We bring knowledge and experience

We work closely with the KNX providing publications and participating in KNX events worldwide. We have direct contact with the whole group of companies that represent standard KNX control. Our professionals have done KNX projects with energy efficiency solutions and have worked in manufacturing companies.

Advise and train

We know the KNX standard control solutions and how to implement them in LEED projects. We connect businesses between both standards and give advice and training to carry out successful projects. We show the characteristics of each KNX product that makes them valuable in monitoring solutions to undertake LEED strategies.


Our Team


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Miguel Angel Jiménez


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Jesús Arias