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Products: KNX Room Controller

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KNX Room Controllers can help achieve LEED strategies by controlling systems that directly affect resource consumption in a building.

It is one of the products most influence thanks to its adaptability and multiple functions, enabling the integrator unlimited programmability to meet the most various control functions as well as the display show useful control variables that calls the standard LEED.

Easy installation in boxes of standard mechanisms and the advantage of requiring little wiring, makes it an indispensable element in any sustainable construction that wants certified as such.

The functionality of the Room Controllers is compatible with intuitive ease for the end user who lives daily with this type of product use.

KNX Room Controllers show special care in design, many of them winners of  recognized internationally design awards like: Plus X Award or Reddot Award, do a design element more in a sustainable building.







  Energy & Atmosphere


C.2. Monitor consumption


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Direct energy saving in electricity consumption

The need to have room controller devices and other touch ‘displays’ in different formats for the direct control of systems (lights, thermostats, blinds) for each area of the building, makes it possible to visualise consumption data and other representative variables that the users should be informed of. This way they are engaged and involved in the efficiency policy of the building. 










  Materials & Resources


D.1. Design smaller, more flexible homes and buildings


knxforleed products JUNG CD500 roomcontroller OLED

Buildings can be designed more rationally to save energy

Room Controllers allow you to manage easy and intuitive way the different functions of a building: lighting, motorized blinds, alarm, air conditioning, audiovisual and consumption control from a single device per room. Some models include thermostat and temperature probe, so that you can control the climate of the room. It is also possible to display the controls and states of each switch and the thermostat that has been programmed. 





  Energy & Atmosphere


E.1. Ensure adequate ventilation

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 Air renewal without losing hardly any HVAC indoors.

Room Controllers allow manage forced control and display the state of ventilation, while integrated into the policy of optimal control in KNX integration to renew the air inside a building without incurring extra heating costs . Air renewal can be integrated with other systems that optimise it, such as detection of open windows, cool air recovery on summer nights (free cooling), or humidity and CO2 level management among others, which can be displayed as a visual indicator on the display controller itself.  



E.2. Monitor carbon dioxide


knxforleed products siemens up204 room controller

The supply of fresh air is limited to only that which is strictly necessary in order to reduce CO2 values to acceptable levels, according to what is established in the setpoint.

KNX Room Controllers can show visualizations of CO2 levels, sent by KNX CO2 sensors in your display as a control variable, locally and / or remotely. It also allows integration with other systems such as technical alarms in the building so that when a certain safety threshold is exceeded by the level of air quality ventilation of the building and the alarm system is triggered indicating the source of it the display itself.



E.3. Install operable windows


knxforleed products abb 6128-01-500 ambient thermostat with digital display 1

Waste of energy can be avoided due to the insulation breakdown

KNX Room Controllers, to visualize when the windows are open while the mode set for this type of condition optimum climate. The magnetic contacts integrated in the building control system send a signal to it and these states of open windows and the ventilation or climate area on standby can be represented on control touchscreens, both locally and remotely.




E.4. Give occupants temperature and ventilation control


knxforleed products elsner elektronik corlo touch display 1A regulated control of each zone means one can adjust the energy use, as there are different HVAC requirements.

KNX Room Controllers can regulate each room individually, regardless of the HVAC system, provided it is divided into zones. Users may adjust the setpoint temperature in a full or limited range fixed by the building efficient policy. This is done to limit the users’ incorrect actions, as the climate behaviour is normalised in each area (different setpoint ranges can be defined for each mode depending on the intended use), which ensures flexibility for change in each zone, with a simple keystroke to activate the setpoint preset in each mode.




E.5. Give occupants lighting control


knxforleed products berker r1 touch sensor room controllerAvoiding the use of lighting in empty rooms implies saving a considerable amount of energy.

With KNX Room Controllers the different functions of a building can be managed easily and intuitively: lighting, motorised blinds, alarms, HVAC, audiovisuals and consumption control. The brightness control can range from a simple on or off to the control of light intensity or even light colour (RGB). From these devices the user has full control of the lighting system, and they can easily be reprogrammed according to the desired behaviour.








E.6. Control humidity


knxforleed products basalte deseo room controller 1Dehumidifiers are energy intensive, so if their operation can be avoided, a lot of energy can be saved.

Humidity control, along with temperature and CO2 control ensure a perfect management of the HVAC system. In addition, by acting on the ventilation using dehumidifiers can be avoided if conditions are suitable for the use of outside air. With KNX Room Controllers can show humidity levels locally or remotely on your display, which can be viewed, along with humidity levels (setpoints and actual), ambient weather conditions (temperature, humidity and CO2), their setpoints and levels in real time.




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