KNX Products: Shutter Actuators

knx for leed shutter actuator inphographyTaking advantage of as much of the natural energy that the building's location provides is one of the most important requirements for energy sustainability, and this is contemplated by LEED certification.

The recovery of natural seasonal energy from the building's environment as a source of heat as in the use of solar radiation on windows, is possible thanks to Shutter Actuators KNX. They are responsible for carrying interior blinds or curtains at the appropriate level dynamically to obtain or avoid direct solar radiation through shading depending on temperature and time of year. 

Also, have a good handle on the mobility of internal blinds or shutters, it helps prevent light pollution by acting as a screen between the artificial ilumicacion inside the building and outside after dark.

The range of KNX shutter actuators are wide, making it easy to find the right product for each installation.

The main supplement to control shutter actuators, are the sunset sensors and the KNX weather stations that provide useful, such measurements as wind speed, sun position, level of external brightness, outside temperature,... which act shutter automatically and efficiently as specified by the LEED standard.






  Sustainable sites


A.1. Maintain site lighting to prevent light pollution


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Savings from lighting according to requirements


In order to avoid light pollution, if the building has motorised interior shades on the windows and motorised shutters on the external part of the windows, the emission of light to the exterior can be limited, This can be achieved by lowering these mechanisms that stop the light from passing from the inside to the outside of the building.

Preventing the emission of light pollution to the exterior is possible thanks to motorised shades and shutter systems and an adequate control, by lowering these devices in low exterior light situations and bright interior light situations (at night). KNX has a large range of devices for the regulation of motorised shades and shutters that can be used to block the emission of interior lighting to the outside.



  Energy & Atmosphere


C.1. Use free energy


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Benefit from seasonal energy present in the building's environment

Although it depends on the weather in the area, it is possible, especially in temperate regions, to harness the effects of sunlight on glass surfaces around the building. In the winter months, therefore, when the sun is low, solar radiation can naturally warm up the areas near the south-facing façade (in the northern hemisphere) or the north-facing façade (in the southern hemisphere).

In this situation, it is the KNX control system which ensures, by shutter actuators, raise the shutters letting in as much light and heat may naturally help the heating system during the cold season.



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