LEED Strategies: Sustainable sites



  Sustainable sites


A.1. Maintain site lighting to prevent light pollution


knxforleed sustainable sites


Savings from lighting according to requirements


KNX can control large groups of lights, either directly or by integrating the DALI standard, which enables the regulation of LED and fluorescent lights. The control can limit the maximum power values, as well as grouping the lights in lighting scenes. It also enables the use of astronomical clocks and conventional clocks to programme the on and/ or off times. On the other hand, when the external lighting provided is insignificant, the shades or shutters may be lowered to avoid light radiating to the outside.




A.2. Harvest rainwater


knxforleed harvest rainwater
Activation of pumps according to requirements. They will only be used when strictly necessary


KNX allows to detect when it is raining and to prepare the system to harvest water. It also shows the filling levels of tanks and activates the impeller pumps as efficiently as possible. It is possible to measure the water's ORP and PH levels


LEED Strategies

LEED Strategies implementing KNX control technology

The  KNX  technology standard can directly or indirectly influence the achievement of up to 54 points out of 106 possible points (excluding those related to Regional Priority) listed in the 2009 version of LEED certification.