LEED Strategies: Water Efficiency



  Water efficiency


B.1. Install Submeters


knxforleed install submeters

It is possible to locate elements or rooms that consume more water than the average and then correct this trend and save on resources and energy

A good example in KNX can be found in sensors that are able to measure the water flow through a pipe. Thanks to this, it is possible to display instant information or generate records.







B.2. Select efficient irrigation technologies


knxforleed Select efficient irrigation technologies

Efficient use of irrigation valves and water

With KNX one can avoid watering if it detects that it is raining, or that the soil moisture is good enough. In addition, the irrigation valves can be monitored for full control.


LEED Strategies

LEED Strategies implementing KNX control technology

The  KNX  technology standard can directly or indirectly influence the achievement of up to 54 points out of 106 possible points (excluding those related to Regional Priority) listed in the 2009 version of LEED certification.