LEED Strategies: Energy & Atmosphere



  Energy & Atmosphere


C.1. Use free energy


knxforleed use free energy

Energy saving in HVAC

With KNX, measurements of humidity and temperature can be taken in order to monitor natural ventilation (opening and closing motorised windows strategically)








C.2. Monitor consumption


knxforleed monitor consumption

Direct energy saving in electricity consumption

With the use of power meters, generally and locally (localised energy measurement in specific loads), one can monitor the instant consumption of the installation and make the occupants aware of how to use it rationally





C.3. Capture efficiencies of scale


knxforleed capture efficiencies of scale

The efficient use of a central system contributes to saving energy

Thanks to the scalability of the KNX standard, it is possible to design local temperature controls that interact globally with an HVAC system






C.4. Monitor and verify performance


knxforleed monitor and verify performance

With the intelligent control of buildings, behaviours that result in unjustified energy expenditures can be corrected

Despite the decentralised nature of control in the KNX standard, it is possible to integrate a BMS that assists in complying with the ‘monitor and verify performance’ strategy





C.5. Generate on-site renewable energy


knxforleed generate on-site renewable energy

An efficient control helps to prevent energy waste

KNX interacts with the clean energy production systems in order to control the process. A good example are the solar thermal energy systems where, thanks to temperature probes and valve management, the heat exchange process (between the primary and secondary circuits of the solar thermal system) can be monitored and controlled


LEED Strategies

LEED Strategies implementing KNX control technology

The  KNX  technology standard can directly or indirectly influence the achievement of up to 54 points out of 106 possible points (excluding those related to Regional Priority) listed in the 2009 version of LEED certification.